Building Capacity

RGC is working on developing a resource for Gwich’in Participants to find our about job opportunities and to explore career planning pathways.

Career planning pathways

Education today will help us lead tomorrow

Once Gwich’in are under Gwich'in Government, we will need trained Gwich’in to take up jobs in government administration and program delivery. The Regional Gwich’in Collaborative encourages Gwich’in youth to pursue training and education today so that they have the skills needed to lead our communities tomorrow.

The following resources are intended to support Gwich’in career planning. Please check-back for updates.

Indigenous governance post- secondary programs

Post-secondary education (certificates, diplomas and/or degrees) can contribute to Indigenous governance by exploring tools and options that can be woven into Indigenous governance systems. Generally, these programs support learning in politics, public policy and/or administration and are intended to build strong leadership skills while acknowledging the unique socio-political and historical context of Indigenous people in Canada.

Yukon and Northwest Territories

British Columbia





The Indigenous Skills Employment and Training Strategy (ISETS) is funding administered by the Gwich’in Tribal Council on behalf of Employment Skills Development Canada (ESDC- Service Canada).The aim of this guidebook is to help you determine your own eligibility and what funding you may be eligible for.

Gwich’in Education Foundation Bursary for Post-Secondary Programs

Funding for registered Participant in the Gwich’in Land Claim enrolled and full-time student in certificate, diploma or degree program with 60% average or higher on last official transcript

Indigenous Bursary Research Tool