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Job Opportunities

Lead Negotiator - Gwich'in Government - Inuvik (F/T)

The Gwich’in Tribal Council (GTC), located in Inuvik, Northwest Territories is looking to fill a newly created role within their Leadership Team. The Lead Negotiator leads and coordinates the efforts of the GTC and Gwich'in Councils (collectively 'the Gwich'in') to negotiate and conclude a Final Agreement for Gwich’in Government with the Governments of Canada and the Northwest Territories in accordance with Gwich'in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement (GCLCA), Treaty 11, the Indian Act and Section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982.

The Lead Negotiator leads a team of Assistant Negotiators, staff members and external legal counsel, and the Gwich'in Collaborative Government (GCG) in the development and execution of a Negotiation Strategy, Communications Plan and Annual Work Plan.

Role Responsibilities
·       Develop, review and revise (as necessary) a Negotiations Strategy document for the Gwich'in Government process;

·       Conclude annual work plans with Canada and the GNWT and management of funding agreements with Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC);

·       Manage the GTC Contribution Agreements supporting the participation of the Gwich'in Councils in the Gwich'in Government process;

·       Collaborate with GTC Grand Chief and when required, Board and/or Leadership Team, in the analysis of issues and development of solutions;

·       Develop, revise and review a Communications Strategy for the purpose of informing Gwich'in Participants on progress of the Main Table negotiations, with the objective being the ratification of a draft Final Agreement on or around 2027;

·       Compile and analyze the Gwich'in Participants' feedback received as a result of the community consultations in the Gwich'in communities;

·       Provide regular update presentations to the GTC Board and Gwich'in Participants and communities, including an annual overview for the GTC Annual General Assembly;

·       Speak for, and on behalf of, the Gwich'in Tribal Council, Gwich'in Councils, and Indian Act Band Councils at the Main Table Sessions;

·       Coordinate the Gwich'in Negotiations team and Main Table Sessions;

·       Work with the GTC Senior Implementation Advisor and the Chief Executive Officer, lead and coordinate the Recognition of Indigenous Rights and Self-Determination (RIRSD) Main Table negotiations to update and modernize the GCLCA;

·       Oversee required research conducting specific legal, constitutional, policy, financial and opinion research and analysis through internal resources and external consultants.

·       Review and analyze other lands, resources and modern Indigenous agreements, legislation and case law that may be applicable to the Gwich'in Government;

·       Be accountable for departmental budgets and financial reporting for Gwich'in Government in accordance with the Annual Work Plan, relevant law, legislation, regulations, directives, policies and procedures;

·       Lead, direct, mentor, and manage staff through the establishment of clear work plans and priorities. Effectively communicate between all staff, provide effective performance feedback and yearly performance appraisals, and provide professional development and training; and,

·       Provide weekly reporting to the Grand Chief and quarterly reporting to the GTC Board of Directors on progress of the negotiations effort.

Role Qualifications and Competencies Requirements
·       Post-secondary and/or university degree in a related discipline such as law, public or business administration, political science or Indigenous Governance. A Graduate Degree (Masters Level) in a related discipline is preferred;

·       7 - 10 years of relevant experience negotiating modern treaties (land claims and/or self-government) to successful conclusions and implementation;

·       Able to interpret various acts, regulations, policies of federal and territorial governments and positions of other negotiating parties;

·       Possess a working knowledge of the legal framework of Indigenous people in Canada, treaty rights and Indigenous inherent rights under Section 35 (1) of the Constitution Act, 1982.

·       Be a strategic thinker with problem solving, analytical and evaluation skills;

·       Good judgment and proven ability to demonstrate tact and diplomacy;

·       A broad understanding of the Gwich'in and Northern cultural and political environment;

·       Ability to travel, including to remote communities within the Gwich'in Settlement Area of the Northwest Territories, Yellowknife, Whitehorse, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, and other locations will be required on a regular basis.

·       Strong negotiation skills with a track record of successful negotiations with governments, industry proponents, and/or various stakeholders and partners resulting in mutually beneficial agreements and partnership arrangements.

·       A track record of providing leadership to set and achieve organizational goals and objectives. Manages multiple priorities and resources effectively in a complex environment.

·       Exceptional communication skills, especially written communications, presentation skills, and the exercise of tact and diplomacy in a cross-cultural setting. Articulate, open and authentic with well-developed presentation and persuasion skills.

·       Must be a true believer of the North and have an interest in the communities that make up the Gwich'in Settlement Region.

·       Understands and promotes the development of respectful relationships founded within Gwich'in Values, beliefs, and practices. Motivated to create positive impact in the GSR and Gwich'in communities, resulting in improved outcomes for Gwich'in Participants.

A competitive compensation plan will accompany the successful candidate including a comprehensive benefit plan.

Preference may be given to candidates who are Gwich'in Participants and have experience working in the non-profit or public sectors or in an Indigenous Government/Organization, preferably in a northern context.

We would like to thank all interested applicants. Please note that only those applicants who meet the qualifications and requirements will be contacted.

If this opportunity interests you, please visit to apply.

Building Capacity

RGC is working on developing a resource for Gwich’in Participants to find our about job opportunities and to explore career planning pathways.

Career planning pathways

Education today will help us lead tomorrow

Once Gwich’in are under Gwich'in Government, we will need trained Gwich’in to take up jobs in government administration and program delivery. The Regional Gwich’in Collaborative encourages Gwich’in youth to pursue training and education today so that they have the skills needed to lead our communities tomorrow.

The following resources are intended to support Gwich’in career planning. Please check-back for updates.

Indigenous governance post- secondary programs

Post-secondary education (certificates, diplomas and/or degrees) can contribute to Indigenous governance by exploring tools and options that can be woven into Indigenous governance systems. Generally, these programs support learning in politics, public policy and/or administration and are intended to build strong leadership skills while acknowledging the unique socio-political and historical context of Indigenous people in Canada.

Yukon and Northwest Territories

British Columbia





The Indigenous Skills Employment and Training Strategy (ISETS) is funding administered by the Gwich’in Tribal Council on behalf of Employment Skills Development Canada (ESDC- Service Canada).The aim of this guidebook is to help you determine your own eligibility and what funding you may be eligible for.

Gwich’in Education Foundation Bursary for Post-Secondary Programs

Funding for registered Participant in the Gwich’in Land Claim enrolled and full-time student in certificate, diploma or degree program with 60% average or higher on last official transcript

Indigenous Bursary Research Tool