Regional Gwich’in Collaborative

The Regional Gwich’in Collaborative (RGC) is the regional team responsible for negotiating Gwich’in Collaborative Government on behalf of the Gwich’in Settlement Area communities of Aklavik, Teetlit Zheh (Fort McPherson), Tsiigehtchic, and Inuvik.

Our approach to governance, as described in our agreement-in-principle, is core and modular. It is a core approach because we will establish two levels of Gwich’in Government (regional and community) who will have jurisdiction over core areas of government. It is also modular in that once we have negotiated the core jurisdictions in the tri-party agreement, Gwich’in Governments can continue to negotiate additional jurisdictions with the Government of Canada and the Government of the Northwest Territories when the time is right.

Gwich’in Collaborative Government is community driven. This means that communities will decide what government looks like. Communities need to own the government negotiation process so we can build stronger communities and a stronger GSA for all Gwich’in.

The RGC Lead Negotiator works with Community Negotiators to gather community input. The Lead Negotiator and the Regional Government Negotiation Team use this feedback to negotiate Gwich'in Collaborative Government (GCG) with the Government of Canada and the Government of the Northwest Territories.

Gwich'in government belongs to each of us. Your voice will shape what our government will look for all Gwich’in.

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